How to Start a Digital Transformation?

2021 carried the same momentum from 2020, a time where organizations were increasingly looking to technology to optimize its business functions. Almost a year since the first COVID-19 transmission in The United States, the country is still reeling from its economic and social devastation. A large number of businesses had to shut down in order to slow the spread of the virus. Businesses that were able to remain resilient through this pandemic is their ability to adopt digital transformation and move their teams towards remote work. Advanced technology and business owners that were willing to use it to their advantage allowed millions of workers to keep their incomes while the shelter in place orders lingered on for months.

What is a Digital Transformation?

To digitize something is to change it from its analog, or physical state to a digital one. Everything that is saved onto a computer, or can be accessed on the internet through a web browser is digital. If you take a handwritten document and scan it into your computer then save the document as an electronic file of some sort, that document has been digitized. When huge corporations take all of their physical files and scan them into the system they are digitizing their file systems. Making a digital transformation is to take all of the paperwork and essentially the whole business and creating an environment online that is totally digital.

Why Initiate a Digital Transformation?

Technology is advancing and evolving at an incredible rate. Scientists and developers are working together to create a super-fast computer that transfers data at a quantum level that travels faster than the speed of light. The “spooky action at a distance” phenomenon that had Einstein scratching his head has finally come to light and technology is putting it to good use.

Virtually every person in the United States has a smartphone that connects to the internet. All kinds of data from love letters to movies are now stored in a digital cloud somewhere. Practically every business that has managed to stay afloat during the pandemic has done so because they changed everything that they could to digital format. It is clear that the world is going digital, and if you are in business, you may have to go digital as well in order to stay in business.

Digital Mail Transformation

Another technological advance that has saved millions of businesses during the pandemic is digital mail. Companies that receive a substantial amount of physical mail struggle to properly process all of it in a timely manner. Especially during the pandemic with all of the social distancing laws that are in place. Converting all of their physical mail into digital mail then having it processed in a secure, centralized place allows users to remotely access the mail that pertains to them, while the software tracks every step of the way for each piece of mail. Physical mail can cause a lot more problems than the average person might think. For instance, there is no way to track a piece of physical mail unless written documentation. There is no way to see who has seen the mail or had access to it, which can lead to security breaches. Another aspect of physical mail is that so many people have to touch it in order for it to get where it is supposed to go. Going digital makes the whole mail process touchless, and secure.

Start Your Digital Transformation

The first step towards making your digital transformation is to make the choice to do so. Next, evaluate your circumstances and see what is right for you. Do your research and find digital resources that will clearly explain which course of action to take for your particular needs. Technology is moving fast, so don’t wait too long.